My Approach
I would describe my coaching style as collaborative, positive and hands-on. My sessions are person-centered, client-led and based on mutual trust. Everything we talk about is strictly confidential.

In my coachings I welcome my clients in a safe space, where I use a mix of tools and techniques from systemic coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I apply these methodologies to your unique circumstance and personal goals.

I believe that you are already a whole, resourceful and creative human being, and all you need is a little help to unravel what lies within. The mantra, Connect. Empower. Act. is the guiding force accompanying me in my everyday work.

Areas of Support
Deep down, you can probably sense that you are a bad-ass, talented and unique human being. Nevertheless, you still find yourself confronted by a pesky inner voice, grappling with negative thought patterns or lacking a clear sense of direction in order to flourish in your career. Or perhaps you are simply struggling to hone a specific skill. 

Wherever you are in your journey, this is precisely where I come in. 

Whether you are looking for support in negotiating a pay raise or struggling with letting go of a senior managerial role to become a full-time student again, I am here to walk alongside you and help you get from Point A to Point B. We might go in a straight line; or we may take an unexpected detour via a side alley; in fact, we might not even end up at B but rather find ourselves comfortably settling in at C or even D…

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When I’m not coaching, you’ll find me…
…chasing the sun and the sea, zipping around on my bike, running along the canal, playing frisbee in parks, hanging out with friends, searching for hidden beaches, dancing to disco or baking cakes. 

Some of the roles I held prior to becoming a coach…
• People & Culture Manager DACH @ OATLY
• Senior People & Culture Manager @ JUNIQE
• Content Manager @ DaWanda 
• Dutch Copywriter @ Home24
• Career Coach @ Fontys Venlo University of Applied Science

My certificates & degrees
• The Purpose Fellowship @ The Arc & TBD Community | 2021
• Transformational Coaching @ Animas Centre for Coaching in London | 2020
• NLP & Systemic Coaching @ The Coachingclubs Berlin | 2017
• BA of HRM @ Fontys Eindhoven University of Applied Science | 2012
• BA of Social Work @ Fontys Eindhoven University of Applied Science | 2007

Linguas francas
Dutch | Mother tongue
German | Fluent 
English  | Fluent 
Italian/French | Un croissant per favore