Find your purpose and gain the confidence to walk new paths!

Are you ready to tap into your true potential? Have you been yearning to explore what really brings you joy? 

I empower women who are looking for a sense of direction in their careers and personal lives. In our coaching sessions, I will work with you to challenge your limiting beliefs and help you define concrete next steps to make way for long-term, positive transformation.

What I Offer

1:1 Coaching

The Coaching Journey

At its core, coaching is about enabling change — it is a conversation-based approach to moving someone from where they are now (A) to where they want to be (B). 

Coaching helps you reflect on your past and adopt solution-minded, future-focused and action-oriented practices that facilitate positive transformation. It is a journey of discovery and self-awareness.

Areas of Change

How I Can Support You

Change can take on many different shapes and forms in different areas of your life. As a career coach, my mission is to empower you to find your purpose-driven career path by helping you:

Identify the activities you love and things you are good at 
Find blockers and challenge your limiting beliefs
Tap into new toolkits and set attainable goals
Adopt healthier work routines and transform your mindset

Ultimately, you will be more equipped to discover new ways forward, which, in turn, will bring you that much closer to walking a fulfilling career path.

In Their Own Words


“Anna is a brilliant career coach! She’s very empathetic and supportive. In our work together in the past year, we focused on career transition. She provided me with exceptional value thanks to her ability to visualize situations, break challenges down into simpler parts and offer tools and plans of action to enable personal growth, clear communication and mindful change. I highly recommend Anna to anyone seeking successful change in their professional path!”


“Coaching with Anna in the midst of the pandemic gave me strength to go forward and be kind to myself. She helped me balance my passion as well as my work and making sure I can stay true to myself. Extremely grateful for her patience and energy.”


“Before I started with the coaching I was rather insecure about my skills and strengths. Anna’s enthusiasm gave me a big confident boost. She is open to everything and very supportive.

Anna is great at breaking things down into smaller things. She understands how challenging the process can be. Because of her empathy she makes the coaching sessions easy and I always feel like I’ve accomplished something after each coaching session.”


“Anna is a natural listener. She makes you feel very comfortable, and you gain this push to start living and enjoying your life. She has access to a vast range of coaching tools to support you in your discovery process and lead you towards action. 

Any transformation process will be challenging. However, Anna makes it feel like a lot of fun.”



Let’s Chat

I’m happy to answer any and all of your questions. 


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